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Cyber Security: Cyber Health

We need to ask the question. “If you got infected today with Ransome Wear and it locked up all of your files, could you stay in business?”

What many businesses find, is that they cannot. The FBI estimates that some 60% of business would go out of business if they lost access to all their files. Especially in the small business realm. That number might be a little high, but in 2020 1 and 5 Small business got hit if you look back when the dental applications got hacked The dentist couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t see patients let alone covid’s impact.

So, the ability to operate if they do not have their computers or applications, is the big question. That relates right back to Cyber Health because as you look at your business, many depend on the data, applications, or on the simplest things like appointment books, emails and all the other stuff they do.

Cyber Health is the ability to look at your entire environment as an “attack surface”. You have all these nefarious actors out there trying to find a weakness to come in and attack, so when we talk about Cyber health:

A.      Are you prepared? This requires investments.

B.       Are you monitoring it?

C.       Do you have a plan in place that allows you to react if something does happen?

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Adaptive Behavioral Firewall

The following is a demonstration of the BLOCKING API integration between Fluency and Peplink InControl.

Access to InControl and the equipment used in the video are provided by west networks.

Fluency has the capability to integrate with Peplink InControl API

For this integration we leveraged Fluency robust behavior engine to detect network threats in real time based on the firewall data collected from the Peplink devices


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