Mobile Health Industry

West Networks has a long history of satisfied customers in the mobile healthcare industry.

We provide high value, reliable, and Speed Fusion fast installation services to mobile healthcare customers across the country primarily to mobile healthcare units in mammography, dental, cancer, mobile vet, blood mobile, eye clinic, behavioral health, mobile laboratories, COVID-19 testing. We provide the hardware needed for any type of mobile healthcare application requiring high speed low latency connections to the internet and home base for the mobile healthcare unit while dispatched out in the field.

Reasons to Upgrade Connectivity with West Networks.

  • Extra workflow to accommodate the mobile operations (mobile mammography)
  • Standard IT issues with extra admin to manage
  • Unreliable cellular VPN’s
  • Thru-put limitations required for Telemed

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Case Studies

From first responders to mobile clinics to keeping patient records, the healthcare industry is going through a rapid digital transformation. Peplink products support a wide range of scenarios encountered by healthcare operators, from FirstNet-ready mobile routers with unbreakable connectivity, SD-WAN routers with robust bandwidth and instant failover capabilities, and InControl2 which keeps the all Peplink devices managed under one account.

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