Manufacturing Industry

West Networks has a long history of satisfied customers in the manufacturing industry.

We provide high value, reliable, and Speed Fusion fast installation services to manufacturing industry customers across the country. When you need to have connectivity to a new facility, West Networks has you covered.  We provide the hardware needed for any type of manufacturing application requiring high speed low latency connections to the WiFi internet, LTE backups for facilities, or IoT device applications.

Manufacturing Customer Needs

  • Provide WiFi
  • LTE Backup for facilities
  • IOT device applications

This new automated distribution center needed unbreakable connectivity and peplink was the only solution. I went and installed 3 CAT18 HD1 Domes, an SDX with PoE WAN, and SpeedFusion Cloud to create a truly reliable zero day and backup solution. After their fiber is installed in 3 months, the LTE will be a backup. The other solution was getting 1mbps upload and 4mbps download, the bonded HD1 Domes we’re able to achieve 50mbps upload and 100mbps download.