Construction Industries

The Challenge

Rural locations, project delays, and poor connection are all challenges construction worksites face each and every job.

They are in a new area with no infrastructure, no power, no cable or fiber lines and they need to be up and running on Day 0.

The Solution

Using West Networks’ SpeedFusion Cases, create unbreakable connectivity anywhere you go.

Equipped with a Peplink MAX multi-cellular router and either a Peplink SD Switch or a battery pack, these cases are the solution everyone is looking for! Built to order they can be made specific for your needs. Power them up and they are ready to go in just minutes. Pair them with a Peplink Balance router or FusionHub for Bonding capabilities and you will have Unbreakable Connectivity.

Example Solutions

A combination of:

Balance SDX


SD Switch


Multiple “Office in a Box” Transit Duo SpeedFusion Cases

A combination of:

Balance 210-380

MAX BR1 Mini


SD Switch


AP One Access Points

A combination of:

Balance 580

AP One Access Points


SD Switch

Balance 380

SD Switch

West Networks has a long history of satisfied customers in the construction industry.

We provide high value, reliable, and Speed Fusion fast installation services to construction industry customers across the country. When you need to have internet on a new rural jobsite with no connectivity and no power on day zero, West Networks has you covered.  We provide the hardware needed for any type of construction application requiring high speed low latency connections to the internet and home base for the remote command center while dispatched to a jobsite. West Networks can also provide remote facility security and equipment GPS tracking applications.

Construction Customer Needs

  • Rural Locations-
  • Remote Command Center-
  • New location with no connectivity, power

Additional Features

  • Security
  • Equipment GPS Tracking

Construction sites today require connectivity for productivity, numerous cameras, sensors and IoT devices. A reliable network enhances productivity and safety of construction sites, but early stage job sites often do not have access to fixed line infrastructures. Peplink’s ruggedized Wireless SD-WAN brings reliable enterprise-grade network to sites in minutes.


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