Blood Mobile Industry

West Networks has a long history of satisfied customers in the blood mobile industry.

We provide high value, reliable, and Speed Fusion fast installation services to blood mobile customers across the country. We sell, service, and install the hardware needed for any type of blood mobile application requiring high speed low latency connections to the internet and home base for the blood mobile unit while dispatched out in the field.

Mobile Connectivity Packages

Commonly Used Healthcare Products

  • Balance SDX

    Request Price Quote We are thrilled to introduce the Balance SDX! This time, we’re taking the high performance and modular construction of the “X” series and […]

  • MAX HD4 MBX LTEA (FirstNet Ready)

    Request Price Quote Specs: Quad 4G LTE-A Pro Mobile Powerhouse 4x Embedded 4G LTE-A Pro Modem (America/FirstNet Ready) SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VPN Bonding 2x USB, 3x Ethernet, 1x […]

  • Peplink All Purpose EPX

    Request Price Quote This is a monster of a router. It is the most powerful cellular router in the world! It is modular which allows you […]

Case Studies


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