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SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing

The Challenge

Packet Loss

Packet loss can strike at the most important moments. At the exact moment a goal, basket, or touchdown is being made, losing connection or having spotty signal is just not an option. During a live broadcast, your camera crew’s cellular connectivity can break, causing you to lose precious seconds of coverage. The result: frustration and missed opportunities.

To combat packet loss, Peplink engineers have developed a SpeedFusion technology: WAN Smoothing.

Example Solutions

ABC News

Balance 2500




IP67 Dome Antenna



The Solution

WAN Smoothing

Using WAN Smoothing, the sending Peplink device creates special packets to then let the receiving Peplink device reconstruct ensuring consistent communication. Simultaneously, WAN Smoothing works on assigning traffic to the WAN connection with the lowest latency. Therefore, the latency of the SpeedFusion tunnel and the most responsive WAN connection are the same. WAN Smoothing is built for consistency. It may use a bit more bandwidth than SpeedFsuion Bandwidth Bonding technology but it remains more consistent for seamless streaming. You can adjust the Smoothing strength to find the perfect balance between quick uploads and smooth streaming. You are also able to dedicate specific links such as cellular for backups by determining the priority of each WAN connection in the SpeedFusion tunnel.

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