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  • MAX BR1 Package

    MCP-BRMK-40G MAX BR1 MK2 – Automatic Fail-over Single Cellular Router MAX BR1 MK2 Mobility 20G Antenna Multi-carrier Sim Card The MAX-BR1-MK2 provide a simple, sleek and […]

  • Transit Duo Package

    MAX Transit Duo W Package

    MCP-TSTW-40G MAX Transit Duo W – Dual 4G LTE Router for Public Transportation MAX Transit Duo. Mobility 40G Antenna Multi-carrier Sim Card Discover the Max Transit […]

  • UBR Package

    UBR Package


    • UBR – Unbreakable Connectivity Right Out of the box!
    • Mobility 40G Antenna
    • Multi-carrier Sim

    The easiest way to provide unbreakable connectivity to your network. Connect to multiple mobile networks for better network speed and reliability.