Heavy Duty, Multi-Cellular Powerhouses for Mission Critical Connectivity



MAX Router Series


  • SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

  • Durable

  • Dual SIM Slots

  • GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Terminal Block

  • Multiple Certifications

Model Types

Single Cellular
  • BR1: Embedded 4G LTE Automatic Failover Router
  • BR1 Slim: Compact, Rugged Mobile Wi-Fi
  • BR1 Mini: Embedded 4G LTE M2M Specialist
  • BR1 M2M: Embedded 4G LTE M2M Specialist
  • BR1 ENT: 4G LTE/ Highspeed Broadband Auto Failover
  • BR1 Pro: Cellular Branch Networking Router
  • Hotspot: One-Device Guest Wi-Fi Solution
  • Transit: Specialized Router for Transportation Wi-Fi
Multi Cellular
  • HD2: Dual LTE Mobile Router
  • HD2 Mini: Compact Dual LTE Mobile Router
  • HD4: Quad LTE Mobile Router
  • MediaFast: Dual/Quad LTE Content Caching Mobile Router
  • 700: Quad USB Rugged Mobile Router
  • Transit: Specialized for Transportation Wi-Fi
  • HD4 MBX: Upgradable Quad-Cellular Gigabit LTE Powerhouse
  • BR1 IP55: Single LTE Outdoor Router
  • BR2 IP55: Dual 3G Outdoor Router
  • BR1 IP67: Single LTE Ruggedized Router
  • HD2 IP67: Dual LTE Outdoor Metallic Router
  • HD4 IP67: Quad LTE Outdoor Metallic Router
  • HD2 Dome: Dual Cellular Router

Powerful cellular routers that provide unbreakable connectivity and blazing speeds. Use them to connect to all available network operators in your country.

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